was created to improve the search experience for consumers looking for an easy way to find businesses. is a free Global Business Listing Directory that anyone can use. Anyone can add listings, update them, and review businesses, and its all free and instant. is a global reference resource in which business owners can list their businesses to get found more easily online. List your business, claim it to verify the details, enrich the listing with additional content like text, photos and videos, add reviews, and get alerted anytime someone reviews your business. Your listing helps your website’s ranking on the major search engines, driving more customers to your business.

If you own a business, large or small, or if you’re an agency that helps your clients’ businesses get found online, is a must.

Why does City.Pro want you to have a user account?

City.Pro only requires you to login in the event we may need to contact you about the information you will enter. This includes any information you want to be seen by others. In case there is a problem, we need to be able to contact you. We also want to make sure, you are who you say you are, so that information is identified correctly.

What can do for your business?

Online visibility is good. It means more customers, more business and more profits. We give you everything you need to connect with the consumers in your community looking for services.

We give you a platform to create your online presence, launch online ads, manage your reputation and get you found in top search engines.

Get you more customers: delivers actively searching customers right to your inbox or mobile device.

Reach more than 1 million visitors every month and make sure that you are easy to find. See your business grow.

The benefits of having a listing on City.Pro

Increase your exposure on the web through:

Your company profile

Active link to your website

Recommendations and reviews

Supercharge local search traffic

Adding your listing on City.Pro is completely free of charge!



Millions of Consumers visited City.Pro last year. This is your chance to get in front of them and control what they see.


Own your page. Respond to reviews. Update your listing and photos. Control what consumers see about your business.


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